Border Runners

Dead Man's Switch

Our Home:
Wallowa-Whitman National Forest
Our residence is a middle lifestyle, troll sized cabin in the woods
Mike lives in rafters,

The Mission:
Contacted by our Talismonger contact: Ozone

  • A troll who uses us for jobs now and then. Well, until he died and sent us a trid.
  • Died on mission to meet an elf (“Laverty”) and deliver package to Tarislar (part of Puyallup, elven community, part of Seattle). 20k nuyen if we finish the job.
  • His Team: Rigger “Ironsight,” Troll Wpns expert “Gumbo,” Leader/decker “Cursor”
    May be able to get some nice gear/loot.

Recon Phase:
Chiba summons a data sprite: Mac (think Mr. Slave), whose icon is the village person in the assless chaps and handle-bar mustache.

  • He’s surprisingly friendly, especially with our technomancer, and eager to please, so he’s sent off to research Ozone’s team.
  • a two year old group, with decent rep. Ironsite had some experience across borders. Primarily worked out of Seattle (Barrens?). Last info about six weeks old.
  • Next, Mac was sent to look into Mr. Laverty, but was unable to get anything other than a google search list of names like Laverty—>dead end
  • A search for the com was negative-his signal is off.

Beast of Seattle, in Salish lands, general mix of people, but primarily human.

Background: Tzane met Ozone, and offered his assistance in areas of talismongering. Generally on the level. Offered services

Movement to contact:
We cross the border off-road at 4 in the morning without incident, just outside of Wenatchee. We make it to I-90 without incident.

We arrive at the “Orchard bar,” which is the bar that was the meet place with “Mr. Johnson”-Laverty

  • Bartender/cook, takes 250 nuyen to tell us: an ork, a troll, a human, and another guy, met up with the elf (long duster, red hair, well dressed), spoke a few minutes and left. Had video footage. May have handed them something brief-case sized.
  • Chiba the moon sailor, with a surprising amount of effort, hacks and downloads the video, which reveals the meet and the transfer of a small case to the team.
  • As we’re eating, we notice the bartender making a phone call. Chiba quickly finds the recipient of the call, who very shortly starts moving our way.

Meet Mr. Johnson:

  • Our crews
  • Chiba goes VR continues to monitor as four street sams approach from two different directions.
  • An astral mage and her beast form elemental arrive, and tell us “Rizzo” wants to know why we’re after “the book.” When we denied knowledge, she raced off to tell Rizzo.


Mike, please help with formatting. What have I done!?

Dead Man's Switch
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