Ben "Little Bear" Ya-Ka

A Human, Combat Medic Bear Shaman-Adept


Ben “Hobo Bear” Ya-Ka
B 4, A 4, R 4/6, S 3, W 5, L 3, I 4, C 5, ESS 6, EDG 3, M 6, I 2
Condition Monitor (P/S): 10 / 11
Armor: 18
Limits: Physical 6, Mental 5, Social 7
Physical Initiative: 8/10+3D6
Active Skills: Assensing 1, Astral Combat 3, Blades 4, Counterspelling 4, First Aid 6, Influence Group 5, Longarms 5, Medicine 2, Navigation 1, Perception 4, Pilot Ground Craft 1, Sneaking 4, Spellcasting 5, Survival 1
Knowledge Skills: Bolt Holes in the Woods 4, Paranormal Critters 2, Tactics 2
Languages: Aztlaner Spanish 3, English N, Salish 3
Qualities: Hobo with a Shotgun, Mentor Spirit: Magician Powers: Bear, Magician Powers, Quick Healer, Shamanic Mystic Adept
Spells: Antidote, Heal, Increase Reflexes, Levitate, Stabilize
Adept Powers: Astral Perception, Combat Sense (3), Improved Reflexes (2), Improved Sense: Damper, Improved Sense: Scent (pending approval), Improved Sense: Thermographic Vision, Improved Sense: Ultrasound Sensor
Metamagic: (Initiate Grade 2) Power Point, Power Point
“Big” Ben Jones w/ Fake SIN (4), (3 months) Low Lifestyle, Weapon Focus: Katana, +3 (4)
Armor Jacket w/ Chemical Protection (4), Concealable Holster, Insulation (4)
Ballistic Mask
Contacts (3) w/ Image Link, Low Light Vision, Smartlink
Full Body Armor w/ Chemical Seal, Fire Resistance (3), Nonconductivity (3), Thermal Dampening (3)
Full Body Armor Helmet w/ Flare Compensation, Micro-Tranceiver, Smartlink, Thermographic Vision, Trodes
Ghillie Suit: Woods w/ Restrictive
Helmet w/ Image Link
Medkit (2)
Medkit (3)
Medkit (6)
Medkit Supplies x6
Qi Focus: Astral Perception (4)
Renraku Sensei
Subvocal Microphone
Survival Kit
Survival kit: True Go-Bag, hidden in woods
Transys Avalon
Ursa Minor w/ Fake SIN (1), (1 month) Squatter Lifestyle
Ares Desert Strike [Sniper Rifle, Acc 9, DV 13P, AP -8, SA, RC (1), 14 ©] w/ (100x) APDS, Imaging Scope, Shock Pad, Silencer/Suppressor, Sling, Smartgun System, External, (5x) Spare Clips, (28x) Stick-n-Shock, Tracker
Ares Predator V [Heavy Pistol, Acc 7, DV 8P, AP -5, SA, 15 ©] w/ (50x) APDS, Silencer/Suppressor, Smartgun System, Internal, (5x) Spare Clips, (25x) Stick-n-Shock
Enfield AS-7 [Shotgun, Acc 6, DV 15P(f), AP +4, SA/BF, 10 ©] w/ (100x) EX-Explosive Rounds, Flashlight, Thermographic, (30x) Flechette Rounds, Laser Sight, (34x) Regular Ammo, Sling, Smartgun System, External, (10x) Spare Clips, (30x) Stick-n-Shock
Katana Weapon Focus (3) [Blade,Blade, Reach 1, Acc 7, DV 6P, AP -3] w/ Weapon Focus (3)
Knife [Blade, Acc 5, DV 4P, AP -1]
Border Patrol Agent (Connection 2, Loyalty 1)
Uncle Mike Ya-Ka (Connection 2, Loyalty 4)
Yuri (Connection 3, Loyalty 3)
Ammunition & Resources:
Ares Desert Strike – APDS x14
Ares Predator V – APDS x15
Enfield AS-7 – Flechette Rounds x10
Edge Pool – 0/3

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Ben Ya-ka lost his family on the streets of Seattle, but found his home in mountains of his Nez Perce ancestors. His parents were killed in a raid gone bad in a crowded tenement building in Seattle. His uncle, a bear shaman, took him home to raise him. He found peace, of a sort, in the wild lands, as well as his totem animal. He learned to channel his grief, his anger, and his fears into helping others through his natural gift for healing. He also discovered that the only thing that calmed the nightmare of his trauma, the night black clad faces burst through a cheap wooden door and into his life, was the peace and solitude of the open air.

“Little Bear” was working on furthering his medical knowledge with a local Street Doc his uncle knew when he was introduced to a badly wounded member of a local gang of smugglers. At the encouragement of his medical tutor, he offered his services to the shadow runners at their home while he helped finish nursing their wounded to their feet. He soon realized that running the wilds across the borders was more to his liking than working as an inner city street doc. On their next mission, he simply asked if he could come along.

Ya-ka seeks nothing more than to save his comrades and protect the innocent. He is a fierce fighter when provoked, but prefers the calm solitude of the outdoors whenever possible. He often constructs a small lean-to outside of their home, never anything more than a roof with three walls. He finds the sounds of the forest soothing, and the walls stifling. It’s when he feels trapped behind four walls that his nightmares of faceless giants bashing in his door to kill his family surface.

One year down as a shadow-runner. Ben “Hobo” spent his time between runs connecting with the magical essence in nature. He spends a lot of time, communing with nature, which effectively sitting naked out in the elements. Through his improved connection and understanding, he begins to gain a better understanding of the forces beyond the veil. It was through this increased awareness of the flow of magic that he began to sense a “rotten smell” in the magic. He asked his uncle (the talismonger) for advise on the subject. His uncle suggested he learn to see beyond the veil (astral perception) and suggested a ritual tattoo that would help by opening his third eye (Qi-focus, tattoo, astral perception).

One day while walking through town to buy groceries, he caught wiff of this scent of bad magic. He followed it to a local bar. When hobo walked in, his first thought was how dark it was inside relative to the brightness outside, and of how badly the magic in the area reeked. But, as his eyes adjusted, he realized the darkness wasn’t in the room, but more to light itself. He concentrated, opening his third eye, and he immediately jumped back as he saw a massive cockroach, hunched over the bar. Hobo was so surprised by the increase in the stench and the dirty feel to the air that he involuntarily shook his head in an effort to get the bad scent out of his nose. With an effort, he closed off his third eye, only to find a man of the people (what he calls his fellow native americans) at the bar, standing next to a fallen stool, with a surprised look on his face. Before Bear could blink, the man turned and ran out the back of the bar. Bear, was only a few footsteps behind him when he threw the back door of the bar open, but the man was nowhere to be found, the scent of bad magic ending at the doorway.

Since that day, Hobo Bear has been searching for the source of that scent among the people. He started to realize it isn’t one man, but several, and it may be people either visiting or from the city. Hobo has chosen to wear his armor and carry his katana, “BearClaw” with him wherever he goes. When one of the people asks, he simply says with a distant look in his eye, the next time he meets a bad spirit, he’ll be ready.

Ben "Little Bear" Ya-Ka

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