Tzane the INSANE

Troll adept tank


Tzane 3.3
B 9, A 5/6, R 5/7, S 8/9, W 3, L 3, I 3, C 1, ESS 4, EDG 2, M 4, I 2
Condition Monitor (P/S): 13 / 10
Armor: 29
Limits: Physical 12, Mental 4, Social 3
Physical Initiative: 8/10+3D6
Active Skills: Athletics Group 1, Automatics 2, Blades 2, Exotic Melee Weapon: Riot Shield 1, Heavy Weapons 2, Intimidation 2, Outdoors Group 1, Perception 5, Pistols 5, Sneaking 2, Throwing Weapons 2, Unarmed Combat (Wildcat 2) 6
Knowledge Skills: Combat games 1, Fencing 2, Gang Identifiaction 2, Runner hang outs 1, Shalish Nation 3, Small Unit Tactics 1, Smuggling routes 2
Languages: English 1, Salish N
Metatype Abilities: Armor (
1), Enhanced Senses: Thermographic Vision
Qualities: Adept, Agile Defender, Did You Just Call Me Dumb?, Mentor Spirit: Shark, Poor Self Control – Combat Monster, Quick Healer, Solid Rep: ????
Adept Powers: Combat Sense (1), Critical Strike: Unarmed Combat, Elemental Strike: Electricity, Improved Reflexes (2), Killing Hands, Mystic Armor (3), Transmit Damage (1)
Metamagic: (Initiate Grade 2) Power Point, Power Point
Bone Lacing (Aluminum)
Muscle Replacement (1)
Antidote Patch (4) x5
Armor Jacket
Sony Emperor
Big Game Hunter w/ Custom Fit, Custom Protection: Fire Resistance (6), Gear Access, Holster
Chem Patch x5
Climbing Gear
Ed Mojo w/ Fake SIN (3)
Forearm Guards
Helmet w/ Gas Mask, Image Link, Micro-Tranceiver, Trodes
Transys Avalon
Identity: Specify Name w/ (3 months) Low Lifestyle
Qi Focus – Tatoo – Critical Strike
Randy Gunn w/ Fake SIN (1)
Sony Emperor
Stim Patch (4) x5
Subvocal Microphone
Survival Kit
Tranq Patch (6) x5
Transys Avalon
Trauma Patch x5
Riot Shield [Exotic Melee Weapon, Reach 1, Acc 4, DV 9S(e), AP 5] w/ Internal Battery
Colt Government 2066 [Heavy Pistol, Acc 8, DV 7P, AP -5, SA, 14 ©] w/ (50x) APDS, (10x) Gel Rounds, (24x) Hollow Points, Laser Sight, Silencer/Suppressor, Smartgun System, Internal
HK-227X [SMG, Acc 7, DV 7P, AP –, SA/BF/FA, RC (1), 28 ©] w/ Folding Stock, (76x) Regular Ammo, Silencer/Suppressor, Smartgun System, Internal
Remington Roomsweeper [Heavy Pistol, Acc 4, DV 9P(f), AP +4, SA, 8 (m)] w/ (38x) Flechette Rounds, (30x) Regular Ammo, Sling, (10x) Stick-n-Shock
SMG [Grenade Launcher, Acc 4, DV 18P(f), 1/m, AP +5, SS, 6 ©] w/ (10x) Flash-Bang Minigrenade, (10x) Fragmentation Minigrenade, (5x) Gas Minigrenade, CS/Tear Gas, (5x) Gas Minigrenade, Neuro-Stun X, (10x) Thermal Smoke Minigrenade
Knucks [Unarmed, Reach 1, Acc 12, DV 11P, AP –]
Shock Glove [Unarmed, Reach 1, Acc 12, DV 9S(e), AP -5] w/ Internal Battery
Survival Knife [Blade, Reach 1, Acc 5, DV 11P, AP -1]
Boomerang [Throwing Weapon, Acc 11, DV 11P, AP –]
Border Patrol Agent (Connection 2, Loyalty 2)
Flatline (Connection 4, Loyalty 1)
Ozone (Connection 1, Loyalty 1)
Ammunition & Resources:
Colt Government 2066 – APDS x14
HK-227X – Regular Ammo x28
Remington Roomsweeper – Flechette Rounds x8
Riot Shield – Internal Battery x20
SMG – Fragmentation Minigrenade x6
Shock Glove – Internal Battery x10
Edge Pool – 0/2

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Tzane was brought out from the mines of the Cascade Ork tribe. He was too temperamental to accomplish brute work in the mines and reassigned to working as muscle in the smuggling trades. He is enjoying his new role. Perhaps too much as he is looking for more action or Nuyen, whichever comes first doesn’t matter. Ever since he bonded with his mentor spirit, he has a hunger for violence from his own hands or others.

Tzane the INSANE

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