Elven Magical Paramilitary Operative



Metatype: Elf Ethnicity:
Age: 21 Sex: F
Height: 1.8m Weight: 57kg
Hair: Black Eyes: Green
Street Cred: Notoriety:
Public Awareness:
Karma: Total Karma: 75


Body: 3
Agility: 6
Reaction: 4
Strength: 2
Willpower: 5
Logic: 5
Intuition: 6
Charisma: 4
Edge: 2
Edge Points:
Essence: 6
Magic/Resonance: 6
Initiate Grade: 2
Initiative: 10 + 1D6
Matrix Initiative:
Astral Initiative: 12 + 3D6
Composure: 9
Judge Intentions: 10
Memory: 10
Lift/Carry: 5
Movement: Walk: 12, Run 24, + 2m
Physical Limit: 4
Mental Limit: 7
Social Limit: 7
Astral Limit: 7


Linked Total
Skill Attrib. Dice Skill Attrib. Mod.
Combat Skills
Archery Agi
Blades Agi
Clubs Agi
Unarmed Agi
Automatics Agi 7 1 6
Pistols Agi 7 1 6
Longarms Agi 7 1 6
Heavy Weapons Agi 7 1 6
Throwing Weapons Agi 7 1 6
Exotic Melee Weapon (Monofilament Whip) Agi 7 1 6
Physical Skills
Gymnastics Agi 7 1 6
Running Str
Swimming Str
Diving Bod
Escape Artist Agi
Free-Fall Bod
Navigation Int 7 1 6
Survival Will
Tracking Int
Perception Int 10 (12) 4 6 (2)
Disguise Int
Palming Agi 7 1 6
Sneaking Agi 7 (9) 1 6 (2)
Social Skills
Con Cha 7 1 4 2
Impersonation Cha 5 1 4
Performance Cha
Etiquette Cha 5 1 4
Leadership Cha
Negotiation Cha 5 1 4
Instruction Cha
Intimidation Cha 5 1 4
Magical Skills
Arcana Log 6 1 5
Assensing Int 12 6 6
Astral Combat Wil 9 (10) 4 5 (1)
Banishing Mag 7 1 6
Binding Mag 7 1 6
Summoning Mag 12 6 6
Alchemy Mag 7 1 6
Artificing Mag 7 1 6
Disenchanting Mag 7 1 6
Counterspelling Mag 10 4 6
Ritual Spellcasting Mag 7 1 6
Spellcasting Mag 12 (14) 6 6 (2)
Technical Skills
Animal Handling Cha
Armorer Log 6 1 5
Artisan Log
Cybertechnology Int
First Aid Log 6 1 5
Medicine Log 6 1 5
Biotechnology Log
Chemistry Log
Cybercombat Log
Electronic Warfare Log 6 1 5
Hacking Log
Demolitions Log 6 1 5
Computer Log 6 1 5
Hardware Log 6 1 5
Software Log
Forgery Log
Locksmith Agi 7 (13) 1 6 (6)
Vehicle Skills
Gunnery Log
Pilot Groundcraft Rea 5 1 4
Pilot Watercraft Rea 5 1 4
Pilot Aircraft Rea 5 1 4
Pilot Aerospace Rea 5 1 4
Knowledge Skills & Languages
Sperethiel Int 8 2 6
English Int N
Japanese Int 7 1 6
Or’zet Int 7 1 6
Salish Int 7 1 6
Mandarin Int 7 1 6
Russian Int 7 1 6
Italian Int 7 1 6
Spanish Int 7 1 6
Infiltration Techniques Int 8 2 6
Small Unit Tactics Int 8 2 6
Magical Forensics Log 7 2 5
Counterintelligence Int 8 2 6
Magic Theory Log 6 1 5
Parabotany Log 6 1 5
Parazoology Log 6 1 5
Police Procedures Int 7 1 6
Magical Community Int 7 1 6


Quality Notes Type
Mentor Spirit (Raven) + 2 Con, + 2 Manipulation Spells, Trickery P
Focused Concentration 4 P
Jack of All Trades, Master of None Reduced Skill Point Cost P
Creature of Comfort Medium Lifestyle or Higher N
Consummate Professional + 2 Social Tests with Employers, Earn Street Cred at Half Rate N






Combat: Fire
Detection: Water
Healing: Plant
Illusion: Air
Manipulation: Earth
Drain Resistance: Willpower + Intuition (11)


Spell Category Type Range Duration Drain Damage Notes
Stunbolt Combat M LOS I F – 3 S Direct
Clout Combat P LOS I F – 3 S Indirect
Increase Reflexes Health P T S F Essence
Improved Invisibility Illusion P LOS S F – 1 Realistic, Single-Sense
Physical Mask Illusion P T S F – 1 Realistic, Multi-Sense
Vehicle Mask Illusion P LOS S F – 3 Realistic, Multi-Sense
Influence Manipulation M LOS P F – 1 Mental
Levitate Manipulation P LOS S F – 2 Physical
Magic Fingers Manipulation P LOS S F – 2 Physical
Mana Barrier Manipulation M LOS (A) S F – 2 Environmental, Area
Fix Manipulation P T P F Physical


Name Connection Loyalty Favor Notes
3 3 Talismonger
3 3 Knight Errant Magical Detective


Primary Lifestyle: Medium
Fake IDs/Related Lifestyles/Licenses: Fake SIN (Rating 4, Mia Stone), 3 Fake Licenses (Rating 4, Mage, Monocle, Armor)


Weapon Dice Pool Dam Acc AP Mode RC Ammo Notes
Defiance EX Shocker 7 9s(e) 4 (6) -5 SS 4 (m) Concealed quick-draw holster, 20 taser darts
Ares Alpha 8 11p 5 (7) -2 SA/BF/FA 2 42c Smartlink, Sling, 3 Spare Clips, Silencer, Low-Light Flashlight, Advanced Safety (Electro), Tracker
11p -6 APDS
9s(e) -5 Stiick-n-Shock
7p + 2 Capsule
15s * (DMSO Narcojet)
Grenade Launcher 8 * 4 (6) * SS 6c Airburst Link, 3 Spare Clips
10s -4 Flash-Bang, 10m Radius
18p (f) + 5 Fragmentation, -1/m
16p -2 High Explosive, -2/m
15s Gas (Neurostun IX), 10m Radius
Ares Light Fire 75 8 6p 7 (9) SA 16c Smartlink, Custom Silencer, Hidden Gun Arm Slide, Concealable Quick-Draw Holster, 3 Spare Clips, Low-Light Flashlight, Tracker
6p -4 APDS
2p + 4 Capsule
15s * (DMSO Narcojet)
5p -2 Stealth Tracker


Weapon Dice Pool Reach Dam Acc AP Notes
Unarmed 8 2s 4
Monofilament Whip 8 2 12p 5 (7) -8 Weapon Focus (Force 1)
Survival Knife 5 4p 5 -1


Armor Rating Notes
Chameleon Suit 11 AR Gloves, Biomonitor, Thermal Damping (Rating 6), Gel Packs
Helmet + 2 Trodes, Smartlink, Image Link, Flare Compensation, Respirator (Rating 6), Audio Enhancement (Rating 2)
Summit Dress 7 Custom Fit, + 1 die to Social Tests, + 2 to Social Limit, -2 to Item Concealability
Executive Suite 12 Custom Fit, Newest Model, + 2 Social Limit
Damage Resistance: 16 (Armor 13, Body 3)


Monofilament Whip (Weapon Focus, Force 1), Chameleon Suit, Transys Avalon Commlink, Micro-Transceiver, Subvocal Mic, Autopicker (Rating 6), Climbing Gear, Survival Kit, Summit Dress, Reagents (200 Drams), Defiance EX Shocker, Ares Alpha, Ares Light Fire 75, 150 APDS Rounds, 150 Regular Rounds, 100 Stick-n-Shock Rounds, 150 Capsule Rounds (DMSO Narcojet), 50 Stealth Tracker Rounds, Data Tap, Directional Jammer (Rating 6), Bug Scanner (Rating 6), White Noise Generator (Rating 6), Monocle (Image Link, Flare Compensation, Vision Enhancement 2), Miniwelder (2 Spare Fuel Cannisters), 5 Doses Long Haul, 10 Plastic Restraints, Tool Kits (Armorer, Forensics, Forgery, Hardware, Locksmith), 2 Trauma Patches, 4 Antidote Patches (Rating 6), Medkit (Rating 6), Magical Lodge (Rating 6), Magecuff, Magemask, Spell Formula (Death Replay)


Vehicle Handl Speed Accel Bod Armor Pilot Sens Seats


As I sat outside of a street cafe, waiting for my mark, I remembered a story from my childhood.
A scorpion and a frog meet on the bank of a stream. The scorpion asks the frog to carry him across on its back. The frog asks, “How do I know you won’t sting me?” The scorpion says, “because if I sting you while you cross the stream, surely I shall drown .”
The frog is satisfied, and they set out. But in midstream, the scorpion stings the frog. The frog feels the onset of paralysis and starts to sink, but has just enough time to gasp “Why? Now you shall surely drown!”
The scorpion replies: “Because it is my nature.”
I don’t know why this story came to mind, but it had always brought a smile to my face.
My mother, a very no-nonsense Japanese businesswoman, used to tell me this story every time I became too “wilful.” It was supposed to teach me how to always be dutiful, or some other such nonsense. I never told her that I had made my own ending to the story –
“But little frog, I can swim.”
You see, I refused to believe that the scorpion would kill herself just to sting a stupid frog. I know the moral of the original is supposed to be a lesson on the unchanging true nature of a person, but my version reminds me to always be careful. It reminds me that things are not always what they appear to be. If you disguise your true nature, others will always underestimate your capabilities.
That is why I am sitting outside of a cafĂ© on a chilly spring afternoon, disguised as every sarariman’s dream, a vapid blonde teen girl with a tight sweater. It’s disgusting how easy it is to fool men sometimes. And the crazier your approach, the easier they believe you. Silly frogs.
I’ve made a great living acquiring things – for myself and for others. My natural abilities have made me one of the best on the streets. But back to business…there he was.
My mark was a Japanese collector of rare art. Supposedly, my employer told me, this collector had acquired a rare magical sculpture from a Mr. Johnson that wanted it back.
I didn’t feel it prudend to mention that I had previously been the one hired to steal it.
My job was to simply find out where the collector’s storehouse was, and the client would take care of the rest.
As my mark and his bodyguard got closer, I made my move. I cast a quick suggestion spell upon the bodyguard and then started walking towards them.
I briefly touched eyes with the mark and then looked down, properly demure, and even managed a blush. I then pretended to stumble – right into the mark. My fingers quickly pressed a stealth tag inside one of his pockets. I also felt a small object in his pocket and I palmed it without even thinking about it.
I stammered an apology and flashed him a big smile and a bubble-headed laugh. He frowned at me as I walked away, and then growled something to his bodyguard, who, thanks to my spell, would not remember ever seeing me.
I wove my way through the downtown crowds, changing my face often. I was also checking for possible tails, both mundane and astral. When I felt safe, I went into a crowded public bathroom and dropped my disguise. I then called my fixer and relayed the radio code for the stealth tag. Money in the bank, as they say.
I turned my attention to the object I pulled from the mark’s pocket. It was a standard data chip. Great. Probably his collection of fetish porn or something like that. But, just on the off-chance that it might be valuable, I took it to a friend to analyze.
The chip was heavily encrypted (a good indication of possible worth). He told me it would take some time to crack and that he would get back to me. He never did.
When I went to his place later that week, it had police tape all over the building. After making sure that there were no cops or watcher spirits around, I snuck inside. What I saw almost made me flee immediately.
Dried blood was everywhere. Not only in my friend’s place, but in other units and also in the hallways and stairs. Several doors had been broken and even some of the walls. Even though it had been almost a week, I could still feel the horror of whatever had happened when I went astral.
I didn’t find the chip in my friend’s place. Either it had been stolen or the police had taken it. Either way, I knew when to make my exit.
The odd thing is, no mention of this attack has been reported on any news station or talked about on any blog. What the hell happened there and was it related to the chip? I don’t know the answers to those questions, and I don’t really feel the need to go looking.


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